Fanny’s Real Fitness



Getting fit and looking great takes more than just exercise or dieting alone; it involves a two-faceted approach of performing the right exercises AND eating the right foods.  As a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach I can work with you to achieve your fitness and aesthetic goals, whatever they might be.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle and strength, to increase your fitness or stamina, for sports specific training or just to feel healthy and fit, I can help you to get the best from your body.

I offer one-to-one personal training based out of my private and highly equipped studio in Bramhall, south Manchester.  As a client, you will receive in-depth consultation and assessments and an exercise and nutrition programme tailored exactly to your needs.






£45.00 for an in depth consultation, assessment and personalised nutrition plan, including a 3 week food plan and advice about how to eat for health and physique for life.

(Nutrition plans can be carried out via phone, email or post.)


£34.00 per hour for 1 session per week (seniors and full time students £30.00)

£32.00 per hour for 2 or more sessions per week (seniors and full time students £28.00)

Personal Training clients receive 20% off  Nutrition plans and Nutrition clients receive 20% off their first 2 Personal Training sessions.


BOOM is an intensive exercises class with a difference where you can expect to MELT FAT, BURN CALORIES, INCREASE STRENGTH and HAVE FUN!!  Each week provides a different exercise challenge from strength and circuits training to cardio and HiiT style training.  Fitness bases variations mean that anyone can join in, as long as you are prepared to work hard!!

Every Saturday morning 7.15-8.00am.  At Centre Point in Bramhall Village, £5.00 per session or £45.00 for a block of 10 (to be used within 15 weeks).


£10.00 per week.

For anyone out of the local area, or for anyone wanting to dip their toes into a new health and fitness regime, my 4-week challenge can be the perfect way to get started.  After completing a short questionnaire assessment, you will receive weekly personalised, goal-specific challenges to change 2-4 eating habits and 2-4 exercise sessions to carry out each week, working towards your very own goals.



quotation-markStef is fantastic! For the first time in a decade, I enjoy working out again. She has personalised a program for me and my needs and changes the workout each session. Her gym is complete with a wide variety of equipment (many of which I saw at the gym, but was too intimidated to use on my own), and she explains and demonstrates each exercise thoroughly. She never makes you feel awkward and encourages / pushes you beyond what I would do on my own. My body now craves the workout, and I look forward to achieving the goals I have set for myself.  Wendy


quotation-markI’m a keen runner, swimmer and yoga practitioner but have discovered some new muscles since starting Fanny’s Real Fitness PT sessions.  They are challenging and tailor-made for my personal needs and goals.  Stef really knows her stuff and has some great take-home tips on both exercise and nutrition which are easy for me to keep up.  I do feel the benefits of each session in my strength, energy levels and motivation. Nice bright studio and brand new equipment.  I definitely recommend Stef for personal training.  Love it!  Kathy


quotation-markWow, well in summary I’ve absolutely loved the plan. Loads of new inspiration for mealtimes, but what’s more, adapting my way of eating to less carbs/more veg and protein based breakfast seems to really suit me. The seared tuna and fish burgers were both hits, along with a peanutty stirfry. I love a lot of the recipes and that makes things much easier.

Prep is brilliant for lunch times and by week three I barely had to make anything from scratch. I’ve made a few different protein balls, cookies and granola bars – all loved by the kids and my problem is stopping at one!

So in summary: amazing food, love the variety and freshness. I’m not feeling the need for a cat nap or slump in the afternoon which is a real change for me. I’m so happy I made the choice to talk to you as I now feel like I’ve transformed my kitchen space and how i plan my meals. Thank you xx.  Zoe


quotation-markStart of second week following your healthy eating guide and what a difference! I go to bed 1 hour later (time to prep for tomorrow), sleep well and wake an hour earlier ready for the day. All sluggishness seems to have gone, I have lots more energy and NO sugar cravings and this is just week one! Thank you x.  Sheila



We’ve had a great holiday – I spent much of the time in a pair of shorts on the beach and even bought a wet suit so I could go swimming in the sea with the children.  There is absolutely no way I would have done this a few months ago and it’s totally down to the fact that I feel better about myself after starting our weekly sessions, so THANKS!!  Vikki



The plan was a lot to take in at first but as you said once you break it down it’s easy to digest.  I started to do just one thing – cutting down the carbs, then upping the exercise, drinking more water etc.  I’ll be honest and say I didn’t do it all in the end (time being a massive factor), but what I did do was change my attitude to my diet and maintain it!  In the last three months I have reduced my body fat from 31% to 26% and my waist from 74 to 67!  Jess