Salads – Its Simple!

Ok so there are loads of delicious salad recipes out there – millions upon millions of them and yes its really nice to do something different, particularly if you have people round, but on a day-to-day basis can you really be bothered??  Uh oh not me, I generally just whack a load of ingredients together.  We’re all busy and we’re just doing what we can to stay healthy in the easiest way possible right?  With a little forethought and a well stocked fridge you really can create a variety of tasty salads every day without thinking too much about it.  Here are some of my basics…..  Oh, only other thing to remember is of course to make sure you add your proteins and fats.

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Simple Salads
  1. Simply cut up your basic salad ingredients and add whatever extras you fancy
  2. Mix up a quick dressing if you fancy - make a larger amount and store it in a jar or bottle in the fridge
  3. Enjoy feeling very virtuous!!
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