Hi, welcome to my food blog, which will be filled with tasty, simple real food recipes.  If you are just starting out on your quest for a healthier lifestyle, I hope I can inspire you to incorporate delicious and easy foods and improved behaviours into your life.  If you are well established in the world of real food, maybe I can share some new ideas with you – or you with me.  Please take a look around to find out what its all about and who I am and I look forward to sharing some great recipes with you.


  • Gemma Day says:

    Hi Fanny,
    Just visiting your blog. Love it. Great work.

    My husband and I went gluten, dairy, refined sugar and processed free about 4 months ago now and it has made a huge difference to us. We have shed weight and our energy levels are totally different. It hasn’t stopped me catching every bug Mason brings home but I’m hoping it will soon! It can be hard eating this way as people can think you are a bit odd or over strict, but we aren’t ever going back to our old ways. I love chatting to new people that eat this way about food so hopefully we can say hi at next preschool drop or even have a foodie play date where we can all feast on delicious healthy foods. Unlike at the play date I’ve just left, where it was biscuits and icecream and so hard to say no to my boys when all the others are eating it.
    Look forward to trying some of your recipes over this long weekend.

    • Fannys Real Food says:

      Hi Gemma, thanks for the lovely comments. I’ll keep an eye out for you at pre-school.

  • Kate says:

    Love the inspirational dishes and how to recipes

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