You Are Not Weak!

It’s something I hear my clients, friends and family say often when it comes to food.  “I’m so weak-willed”, “I just can’t resist temptation”, “I’ve been really bad this week”, “food is my nemesis”, “I just can’t control myself”.

Sound familiar?  Well, whilst it’s difficult to avoid this type of terminology, it’s really not that helpful – nor is it exactly true.  Because whilst it might feel like you’re the only one who finds it hard to avoid sweet tasting or highly calorific food, the reality is, there are very few people who genuinely find it easy.  And the reason for that is because it’s part of our very nature – our whole innate and hugely compelling need to survive.  If you live in the first world, then you are likely bombarded on an hourly (or even minute-ly!) basis by highly calorific, salty or sweet and delicious tasting, low nutrient foods.  The sort of stuff that we would have snaffled down in a flash as hungry cave-people simply in order to survive and of course, the exact same food that we find it near impossible to resist as modern living humans despite there being no need for the extra calories.

So whilst you might find that some people seem to be better able to resist temptation, or even that you might be better able to resist it at some times than at others, what I want you to know is ‘YOU ARE NOT WEAK’!  Instead I encourage you to cut yourself some slack and congratulate yourself for all of those times you have managed not to give in to marketing and advertising and peer pressure, because even if all you are doing is maintaining a healthy weight, or losing just a teeny bit, then you are already fighting – and winning – the battle.  All you need to do is keep going…  You can do it!!!

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