Sesame Chicken Salad with Cucumber Noodles

This is a great dish for summer – we had it a few nights ago and the kids loved it.  You wouldn’t think it would go down well but just call them green noodles and give it a go!  If not you could also serve it with a few gluten free rice noodles for the kids.

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Sesame Chicken Salad with Cucumber Noodles
From 'The Art of Eating Well' by Jasmine and Melissa Helmsley
  1. Toss the sesame seeds in a dry pan until fragrant
  2. Use a spiraliser (can be purchased on Amazon) or a julienne peeler to make the cucumber noodles
  3. Prepare the dressing by whisking all the ingredients together
  4. Add the lettuce, pak choi, spring onion and coriander to a bowl
  5. Pour over the dressing just before serving and mix everything together
  6. Plate up with the shredded chicken and sesame seeds
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